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(Pre-question: in your opinion, what is the culture / etiquette of posting this type of question in the interconlarp or brandeislarp lj communities? In the relatively short time I have been a part of those communities, I have seen that most, but not all, posts are event and scheduling related, but discussiony posts seem to be not-unheard of. Thoughts?)

This is both a general discussion question because I find the topic interesting and a poll for my own information as I work on this larp I'm kind of writing.

What do you think of mechanics in a (theater-style, not paticularly "experimental") larp that are supposed to influence role-playing decisions but are not attached to numerical values, contingency envelopes, or direct actions like powers or spells? The structure I have in mind is, "people generally know that if a group of characters does X, it is likely to have an effect on them, and the most common effect is Y. In character sheets, it is specified how that character is affected by X. Players are asked to take this into account in their role-playing decisions."

In the situation I'm trying to write, the effects are changes in mood. Y is that characters feel more relaxed, but X makes some characters more nervous. For others, it makes them more likely to speak their mind, for others, it makes them more forgiving and favorable in their responses to new information.  I would only have one of this type of mechanic in a game.

Have you played in or written games that used a mechanic of this style? Was it successful? What made it work or not work?
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