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A Very Brief History of Cambridge: 1700-1800


The Early Eighteenth Century


      Cambridge in the early eighteenth century grew slowly, continuing trends established in the 1600s. Until the middle of the century, most of the residents were descendants of Puritan settlers. Most of them were farmers, with some traders and artisans. Voters had not been required to be church members since 1691, which indicates that the government was beginning to depart from its religious roots, but in the first half of the 1700's, there were no major religious controversies and not much religious diversity.


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       In the spirit of a fresh start after leaving old England, and in keeping with their governor John Winthrop's vision of a "city on a hill" that would be a role model to the world, the Puritans gave the simple name "Newtowne" to the settlement that they chose to be their capital in 1630. In 1638, two years after the Great and General Court of the colony founded the college at Newtowne, the settlement was renamed Cambridge after the English university town. The college, in turn, was renamed after John Harvard, who graduated from Cambridge University in England, and settled in Charlestown, MA. When he died in 1638, Harvard left the college 500 pounds, his library of 400 volumes, and his name. While it never became the capital of Massachusetts, Cambridge did become the intellectual center of the Massachusetts Bay colony.

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It occurs to me, now that I've had an lj for a year or so, that I should probably do the obligatory all-my-posts-are-friends-only-so-add-me-if-we-know-each-other post.

Hi! All my posts are friends-only. Feel free to add me, if we know each other I'll add you too, and then suddenly my journal will appear to have a lot more content.

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Jun. 9th, 2008 06:20 pm
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I made a livejournal for the same reason that, back in the day, I made a Xanga. Other people were talking about conversations that had happened there, and I realized that maybe not having one made me slightly out of the loop.

Hi everyone!

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